CIRCLE OF NURTURE is an invitation to listen to your needs, wishes & dreams, to welcome and honor them, and stay in nurturing connection with yourself while connecting with others.

This time is an invitation to immerse yourself with all your senses in the unique sound and colors of the here and now.
Our shared space is a silent invitation and declaration of love to the authentic unfolding of our beings, of the individual as well as the collective. We move in the field that emerges between the known and the unknown, between sameness and differences.


Each "CIRCLE OF NURTURE" is opened with a guided meditation and exploration of the NOA.impulse of the week.

After a moment of silence, we dedicate ourselves to presence and connection in the here and now, for about 45 minutes in the form of CIRCLING. While we stay in compassionate connection with ourselves we open our curiosity for the question „What is it like to be me / you / us right now?“ in relation to the theme of the week.


Bring with you: Time and space for you and mindful encounters, comfortable clothing, willingness to take care of yourself, presence and connection.


Who: Anyone who is willing to encounter themselves and others in a respectful, open and appreciative way is very welcome!


Where: we meet online - on zoom


When: Sign up for my Newsletter to receive all upcoming dates & invitations!



My NOA.Impulse is a patient question that crystallizes in my inner landscape, shaped by the constant dialogue with the outside. The question gently swings around my inner world and produces waves in the sea of my being. Sometimes she dances around there for a while, until she nudges something that I have never seen before. And in this very moment my universe expands and stretches, shakes and trembles, sighs, crushes a tear and presents me with a flower of insight from the blessed well of my patience with myself. Sometimes it's a budding flower and on special days a flourishing bouquet.

The impulse can lead us as a gentle tour guide into our inner landscapes, so that we can harbour personal treasures, there, in the midst of our very own flora and fauna.

If you enjoy to be there for others, and want to continue to be there for them for a long time, our meeting can be a soft moment of empowerment for you in which you recharge your batteries. Feel welcome to take your time and give yourself time!

Out of the deep desire to experience mindfulness and togetherness as a strengthening of the loving encounter with myself, I make this space available for REPOSE, EXPLORATION and EXCHANGE.

I'm looking forward to meet you!

PS: You are welcome to bring dear people with you who you wish to have a mindful, nourishing time.